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Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

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Can we offer PET in shiny finishing?

Yes, upon request
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Can we offer PET wihtout lamination?

We can order upon request with MOQ of 3000 pcs for standard colours and MOQ of 20.000 pcs for special pantone colours. In case of silkscreen please, consult additional cost per colour and position.
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Can we offer metal finishing with PET material?

Not possible. There is no sense to use metal lamination on a bag with such thickness.
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Which is the suggested material for cooler bags?

We suggest PPW as this material gives more consistence to the bag. Only recomend PPNW for small sizes
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Which are the standard colours for our products?

The ones showed in the catalogue
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Can we order quantities below 3000 pcs ?

No. MOQ is 3.000 for standard colours and 20.000 for special pantone colour. For smailler quantities you will find a wide range of bags available in our general catalogue.
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Can we have samples with the client's requested logo?

Only for silkscreen or heat transfer logos, not for CMYK (as plates need to be done). If need for laminated bags, plates should be paid in advance. For laminated bags, sample can be available only for quantities above 5000 pcs.
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Can we changed any size?

Your Bag a complete range of bags, covering the most popular sizes. In case you cannot find the size you desire within your collection, a personalized size could be produced for you.
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Can I add accessories on the bags?

Yes, a wide range of accessories are available, such as zip, Sticky fasteners, buttons, cardboard, partitions, comfort tubes, etc.
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10  Which is our standard packaging?

Bulk. But can offer other options upon request.
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11  How much weight can our bags support?

Maximum recommended load weight depends on the model and the material. See details in view materials index.
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12  Are bags biodegradable?

No, but bear in mind that all products can be biodegradable depending on time and added products
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13  Which models comply with Food Grade?

None of them as no need to have food grade on bags
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